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Sherwin-Williams Aerospace receives additional AMS qualifications

February 2, 2011

New wash primer provides alternative to standard chemical chromates.

Meeting SAE’s Aerospace Material Specification 3095 (AMS 3095), Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings now offers a two-component Wash Primer (CM0484646) designed for pretreatment of aluminum and provides an alternative pretreatment option to chemical chromates like alodine and/or anodized. When used in combination with Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Urethane Primer (CM0486606) or Chrome Hazard Free Urethane Primer (CM0486707), it makes for a significant and economical alternative system to other aluminum pretreatments and is environmentally sound, the company said. Designed to fight corrosion and for use in aerospace paint systems where chemical resistance and high flexibility are necessary, the new wash primer can be applied using conventional air spray, HVLP, Graco electrostatic air spray or assisted airless. Presently, Sherwin-Williams has four complete paint systems, including pretreatment, corrosion protective primer and topcoat, approved to the AMS 3095 certification. In addition to the new wash primer, two of its other corrosion protective primers, CM0481968 Chrome Hazard Free Epoxy Primer/Surfacer and CM0486707 Chrome Hazard Free Urethane Primer, are also free of lead and chromate hazards. All four systems are finished with Jet Glo Express Polyurethane topcoat for global aftermarket use as complete painting systems for commercial airline fleets.

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