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BASF and Medi-Solve Coatings collaborate

February 16, 2011

Will develop antimicrobial coatings for medical devices.

BASF Future Business GmbH and Medi-Solve Coatings LLC have formed a collaboration in the field of antimicrobial coatings for catheters and other minimally invasive medical devices. This collaboration combines Medi-Solve's proprietary AquaCoat coating technology with BASF Future Business' proprietary HyGentic silver-based antimicrobial additive platform. According to BASF, in the area of medical devices materials, it is expanding its portfolio by forming partnerships with innovative companies such as Medi-Solve Coatings LLC. New functional materials for medical applications not only improve the standard of medical care for an aging population, but also address important economic needs, such as the cost pressure in the healthcare system. Medi-Solve Coatings will be using its proprietary and patented coating technology to apply BASF's HyGentic antimicrobial additives to dialysis catheters, PICC lines and other catheters known to have high infection rates in clinical applications. This collaboration is designed to benefit clinicians and patients around the world by reducing possible sources of infection and improving the standard of care.

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