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Ceresana analyzes the paint and varnish market

April 6, 2011

Coatings revenues in Europe to reach nearly €28 billion.

Paints and varnishes are not only pretty, but they also protect houses, vehicles and other objects against corrosion and decay. Even their mere material value is considerable. “Revenues in Europe will increase to €27.7 billion by 2018,” said Oliver Kutsch, CEO of Ceresana Research. The market research institute is currently publishing a new study on the European paint and varnish market.

The transport industry is of special significance Although this sector accounts for less than eight percent of the entire paint and varnish market, its share in terms of value totals almost 15 percent. Car series paints, refinish coatings and ship paints enjoy above-average growth. Demand for industrial varnishes, the second-largest field of application behind the construction industry, is especially increasing in Russia, Poland and Turkey. But also some West European countries, like the Netherlands, record above European average growth, which amounts to 1.6 percent per year. Powder coatings, acryl varnishes and epoxy-based products are also gaining importance.

The construction industry’s influence on the paint and varnish market continues to decline. While the construction industry accounted for approximately 59 percent of European demand in 2002, its share is anticipated to drop to 56 percent by 2018. However, this trend is weakened by rising sales of dispersion paints in Eastern Europe.

Many manufacturers develop solvent-free and environmentally-friendly paints and varnishes that are, for example, suitable for steel containers or internal coatings. This allows reducing environmental pollution by VOC emissions. A great number of companies are working on product solutions, which offer special properties: apart from heat insulation, especially nanotechnology is a topic of the future, e.g. when it comes to self-cleaning of antibacterial coatings.

The market report of Ceresana Research provides an overview of the different coating products. The paint and varnish market in 30 European countries is analyzed in detail, i.e. demand and production as well as import, export and revenue. Each important field of application is examined individually: construction industry, wood processing, transport industry, but also coatings for plastics, corrosion protection varnishes, and ceramics and glass coatings. A useful list of producers in Vol. II offers profiles of the 138 largest manufacturers of paints and varnishes. The report, available in English or German, forecasts market opportunities and risks until 2018. For more information visit

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