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Ecology Coatings upgrades lab facilities

July 21, 2011

UV-curable coatings help manufactures get products to market faster.

Ecology Coatings, Inc. has added and upgraded testing and application development equipment in its Akron, Ohio-based laboratory, and has hired additional industry sales and product development personnel. The expansion is in response to customer interest in Ecology's products and growth in the UV-curable coatings marketplace, the company says.

Newly purchased test and measurement equipment will accelerate product development and testing of the company's high performance UV-curable coatings for its target markets, which include labeling and packaging. For example, the ability to rapidly evaluate new coatings on paper or polymer film label stock materials in simulated press conditions is critical to the success of sales activities targeting the prime label and packaging markets. Customers require data simulating their production conditions for the curing speed, coating viscosity, coat weight and the resistance of the coating to water, solvents and abrasion, for their applications. With timely information, time to market will be greatly enhanced.

Companies such as P&G, Wal-Mart and Kaiser Permanente are asking their supply chain questions about energy use and hazardous waste created per unit of output. Supply chains must reevaluate their existing materials and manufacturing methods to meet rigorous environmental standards being established by their customers. These evaluations have a trickle-down effect on the supply chain, including companies providing coatings, which are used on almost every product produced, packaged or containing a label.

"Sustainability and green are becoming much more than just words, and companies that meet these challenges will be the winners in future sourcing decisions," said Ecology Coatings CEO Bob Crockett. "This creates a significant opportunity for Ecology Coatings. As a provider of UV-curable coatings that use up to 80 percent less energy, have little or no waste and are solvent-free, we are soundly positioned to meet the challenge with EcoQuik, our family of coatings that are lower in cost, higher in performance and eco-friendly."

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