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Reactive Surfaces offers DeGreez technology to industry

August 31, 2011

Reactive Surfaces is presently conducting a technology auction through Chemark Consulting for its DeGreez additive technology. When formulated into a wide variety of coated surfaces, from countertops to touch screens, floors to automobile interiors, these additives functionalize such surfaces so that they exhibit a long-term, stable capability to remove natural greases, oils and fats from the treated substrate creating a self-degreasing effect.

The DeGreez technology offering is being made to more than 100 companies with strengths in relevant markets, and is based on the acquisition by the purchaser of all rights and titles under an extensive intellectual property portfolio necessary to maximize the owner’s worldwide exclusivity to the technology in the newly-emerging, self-degreasing coatings markets. 

The market segments available for purchase include the automotive, laminate, flooring, touch screen and textile industries. This portfolio includes extensive intellectual property positions in active ingredient additives, the coatings in which the additives are entrained, the methods by which the functional coatings are made and used, as well as all patented techniques, equipment and other hardware required to practice the technology. The goodwill associated with the Reactive Surfaces, DeGreez and Bringing Coatings to Life trademarks will also be made available to insure the purchaser maximal market penetration.

Based in Austin, Texas Reactive Surfaces develops bioengineered molecules as additives bringing novel functionality to coatings, paints and materials. For further information about the auction contact Chemark Consulting:

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