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Sansin introduces ready-to-use Foundation wood primer

September 19, 2011

Maintains strong UV protection, clarity even with application of lighter, natural wood tones.

The Sansin Corporation has introduced a ready-to-use formulation of Foundation, a waterborne primer for both interior and exterior wood surfaces.
Architects and homeowners often decide against light or natural tones for an exterior wood finish since they traditionally do not provide as much protection against UV rays as darker finishes.   
Sansin Foundation, which applies invisibly, creates UV protection deep within the wood, allowing for the lightest of finishes to bring out the natural beauty and distinctiveness of wood while maintaining clarity, the company said.
“The industry has tried to strengthen UV absorbency in wood stains or add white pigment to lighten finishes, but that comes at the cost of the clarity and beauty of the final finish,” said Sjoerd Bos, vice president at Sansin. “Sansin Foundation primer penetrates and protects the wood, regardless of how light you go with the top coat.”
Sansin Foundation is a low VOC base coat that applies easily and evenly, and protects the wood for up to one year, needing only a wash with soap and water before finishing, the company said. It can be used on the most popular wood species including fir, pine, spruce and cedar.