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New Zinc Clad DOT inorganic zinc-rich coating for steel bridge

September 29, 2011

Steel fabricators increasingly need primers that meet EPA content restrictions on hazardous air pollutants (HAPS) while also offering protection on structural steel bridges, where coatings are subject to extreme corrosion due to weather and road salts. Sherwin-Williams has introduced Zinc Clad DOT, an inorganic zinc rich primer that is highly resistant to corrosion, high heat, humidity and salt fog, and is HAPS-free as supplied. This new fast drying primer has a smooth finish that requires less labor and sanding between coats than other zinc-rich coatings. For use over prepared steel, Zinc Clad DOT can be applied in the shop or field. In addition, the new coating forms an inorganic barrier to moisture and solvents and meets Class B requirements for slip and creep resistance (0.65). Zinc Clad DOT can be used as a one-coat maintenance coating or a permanent primer for severe corrosive environments and is a qualified product per Northeast Protective Coating Committee (NEPCOAT) requirements for new and existing steel bridges. It is also ideal for application at low temperatures or service at high temperatures and/or humidity.

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