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Resinall Rütgers Resins GmbH purchases Neville Chemical Europe BV

October 6, 2011

The acquisition is designed to further expand RRR's role as a partner to the industrial consumers of hydrocarbon, modified hydrocarbon and hybrid resins in Europe.

Resinall Rütgers Resins GmbH (RRR), a joint venture between the German Rütgers Novares GmbH and the Belgian Resinall Europe bvba, has acquired the chemicals company Neville Chemical Europe BV (NCE).

The acquisition of NCE is part of the RRR expansion strategy and is designed to strengthen the joint venture partners´ position within the European industrial resins market. NCE with its headquarters in Uithoorn, Netherlands develops, produces and markets hydrocarbon resins for the printing inks, coatings, asphalt and rubber industries.

Prior to the acquisition, NCE was owned by Neville Chemical Company (NCC), based in Pittsburgh, Penn., United States.

RRR is a joint venture between Duisburg-based Rütgers Novares GmbH and Brugge-based Resinall Europe bvba. The headquarters of RRR is in Duisburg. The joint company was founded in 2009 with the aim of establishing itself as a competent partner for the European printing inks industry.

“The acquisition will strengthen Uithoorn as a production site and NCE will remain a competitive market player in the long term," said Jerry Johnson, RRR managing director. “Our long-term objective is to expand the business."