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Dürr constructs automotive paint shop for Beijing Hyundai

October 17, 2011

Dürr has constructed an automotive paint shop for Beijing Hyundai Motors Company in the Chinese capital Beijing. Dürr is responsible for the construction of the entire paint shop, including the application, automation and conveyor technology. Dürr has already built two paint shops for the Korean car manufacturer in China. Paint application is carried out with 38 type EcoRP L033 painting robots and EcoBell2 atomizers in one primer line and two topcoat lines. All three painting lines are equipped with cleaning equipment for car body cleaning prior to painting. Seam sealing and underbody protection is performed with 15 EcoRS sealing robots. The new plant is scheduled to open during the second half of 2012 with an initial capacity to paint 300,000 different Hyundai models per year, with an option to expand capacity to 400,000 car bodies per year.