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Swan label granted to Tikkurila's Joker and Remontti-Ässä interior paints

December 1, 2011

Two of Tikkurila's interior paints, Joker and Remontti-Ässä, were granted the Swan label on the 7th of November  2011. Such recognition is a ringing endorsement of Tikkurila's aim to develop products with a minimum impact on the environment. In addition to stringent environmental regulations, paints bearing the Swan label fulfil precise requirements for quality covering the entire product life cycle, from raw materials to the product's manufacture and use, and waste disposal. Such a product must be better than, or as good as, products without an environmental label.

Joker with its silky matt finish is ideal for interior walls and ceilings in living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms, and similar dry spaces. The semi matt Remontti-Ässä is best suited to wall and ceiling surfaces, especially in interiors requiring continuous cleaning, such as kitchens, entrance halls and stairwells.

Joker and Remontti-Ässä belong to the top M1 category for indoor air as defined by the Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate. This is restricted to building materials from which very little or no compounds evaporate into room air. Both products also bear the EU Ecolabel and the Allergy and Asthma Federation's collaboration symbol. Joker also fulfils the requirements of the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) for fire safety. The Key Flag logo on the packaging confirms the Finnish origin of these products. Paint cans bearing the Swan label will appear in shops at around the turn of the year, but the paint on sale today is already identical with the paint that will be sold next year in cans marked with a Swan label.

Only products and services belonging to the best in their group are granted the official Nordic Ecolabel, known as the Swan label. The label's criteria are set so that a maximum of 20–30% of products or services in each group can meet them. These criteria are revised every few years, to ensure that the Swan label continues to differentiate the best products and services, from an environmental perspective.dd