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3M and Shale-Inland to develop advanced solutions for protective and decorative films market

December 21, 2011

3M and Shale-Inland have entered into a five year commercialization agreement to offer product solutions for advancing the development of protective and decorative films in the global primary metal and metal fabrication markets. 3M's expertise is in material science technology while Shale-Inland brings expertise in steel and aluminum distribution, stainless steel polishing, stamping and fabrication.

"We welcome the opportunity to gain first-hand customer insight from this agreement with Shale-Inland," said Mike Roman, vice president, industrial adhesives and tapes division, 3M. "The global metals market exceeds $2 trillion in annual revenue. We feel this market is vastly underserved when it comes to technological advances in coatings, adhesives and reflectivity."

The industrial adhesive and tape division is 3M's largest division, known for products and materials that bond, attach, join, protect, and add durability and aesthetics to manufactured products. This division leverages an array of 3M technology platforms such as adhesives, coatings, films and sealants.