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Konica Minolta Sensing launches new CM-3700A benchtop spectrophotometer

January 11, 2012

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. (KMSA), has launch its newest benchtop spectrophotometer, the CM-3700A.

The CM-3700A is an updated version of the now discontinued CM-3700d. Inheriting the same optical system technology as its predecessor, it offers the same performance and measurement data compatibility while adding a new USB communication interface, a larger sample area designed to accommodate larger sheet samples and a newly engineered “soft close” sample holder.

The CM-3700A can measure both the reflectance of opaque objects and the transmittance of transparent or translucent solid materials such as plastics. With accessories, the CM-3700A can even measure the transmittance of liquids.

Accurate measurement of materials containing fluorescent whitening agents such as paper, cloth, and plastics, requires the precise control of the UV component of the illumination in the measuring instrument. The CM-3700A enables the degree of UV in the illumination to be controlled with a UV cutoff filter. This is accomplished using a 400nm UV Cutoff filter which is inserted into the instruments illumination light path. Determining and setting the filters position manually can be tedious and time consuming. The CM-3700A used with SpectraMagic NX color data software enables the positioning to be performed automatically.

The interface has been changed from RS-232C serial to USB providing faster communication and easier connection to newer computers.

The sample holder design has been changed to give it a longer arm to enable measuring the center of an A4-sized sample, and a damper has been added to provide a “slow-close” effect that prevents the sample holder from slamming shut and possibly damaging the measurement sample or pinching fingers.

A “soft close” sample arm holder now protects samples from being damaged and eliminates unwanted spring back.

A protective frame has been added around the power switch to make it less likely that the switch will be operated by accident.

The CM-3700A is in full conformance with the RoHS (Restrictions on Hazardous Substances) directive.

In addition to the launch of the CM-3700A, version 2.2 of SpectraMagic NX color data software is now available. This powerful software enables you to perform comprehensive color inspection and analysis critical to your business. Both the CM-3700A and SpectraMagic NX are available for sale.