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Eco Building Products begins production of coated wood products from its latest Oregon plant

January 23, 2012

Eco Building Products, Inc., (ECOB) has started to produce coated wood products in its newly commissioned coating facility in Salem, Ore., United States. This facility is located in the heart of the timber producing corridor and is approximately 30,000 square feet located on a railway spur. Working through a few start-up delays, the company said it produced its first order for a customer located in Bridgewater, Conn.

Salem is a strategic location, allowing ECOB the ability to purchase timber products from various lumber mills in the local corridor from Northern Washington State to Southern Oregon, where all the Douglas Fir used in the Northeastern and Western United States comes from. Prior to adding this capacity, the company would purchase uncoated products from the Oregon region with the closest treatment facility being in Southern California. The first order contained two truckloads of coated lumber.

"ECOB has been on the move throughout the stagnant housing market. The company is well positioned in the right markets for what we are starting to see in recent reports stating that home builder confidence is increasing," said Steve Conboy, president and CEO of Eco Building Products. "Our efforts are starting to show results with this new coating facility positioning us closer to where the trees turn into lumber. Now we can cost effectively deliver Eco Red Shield products to Hawaii and Northeastern regions. The current order in Bridgewater is the beginning of ECOB pushing into the east coast with marketing to build on what we expect to have significant increases this coming spring run in the Northeast."