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Dow Corning introduces family of silicone slip and leveling agents for wood, furniture and plastic coatings, inks and overprint varnishes

February 23, 2012

Dow Corning has introduced new additives for solventborne, waterborne and UV coatings that are effective on wood, furniture and plastics. Dow Corning's new additives—205SL, 204SL, 401LS and 402LS—are multipurpose additives that provide a range of solubilities and other characteristics at low addition levels and enable formulators to develop tailored solutions for optimized performance in multiple resin systems and applications said the company.

Dow Corning 205SL additive gives excellent hand feel and also functions as an antifoam, while the 204SL additive provides the product family’s best-in-class slip performance in radiation curable coatings and allows for low VOC levels and formulation flexibility said the company. Dow Corning 401LS additive offers improved slip performance and good wetting and leveling properties without affecting coating clarity in solventborne formulations while the 402LS additive is an easy-to-use, high performance silicone polyether additive that gives good flow, leveling and slip in waterborne and radiation curable formulations.

“With this new family of slip and leveling agents, we are offering formulators the ability to either significantly differentiate their formulations in the hands of the end customer or simply to optimize their current formulations,” said Chris Wall, Dow Corning global market manager of coatings and composites industry. “Furthermore, these new silicone materials are compliant with European legislation for indirect food contact (Swiss Ordinance RS 817.023.21 Annex 6, Part B).”

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