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RockSolid Floors Polyurea Garage Coat earns 100% approval rating from Handyman Club of America

February 24, 2012

After extensive testing by its members, the Handyman Club of America has awarded the RockSolid Floors Polyurea Garage Coat, a DIY polyurea floor coating, a 100 percent approval rating from its Member-Tested Program meaning the product can now carry their Seal of Approval.

For years the Handyman Club of America’s Member-Testing Program has evaluated a wide variety of home improvement products. Members test them in their own homes and rate them on general quality, design, performance, durability, clarity of instructional material, versatility, finished look and value. The testers then provide an overall approval rating, which is then featured on their web site and in HANDY Magazine, the club’s official publication.

The RockSolid Polyurea Garage Coat is part of the RockSolid Floors One Part Polyurea series, an industrial grade polyurea floor coating available in the DIY market. This polyurea technology has a virtually unlimited pot-life, while having a four to eight hour cure rate and 24 hour return to service said the company. The company also reported the products is 20 times stronger and 98 percent more flexible than epoxy floor paints.

The full results will be published in HANDY Magazine's April / May 2012 issue and made available online at

RockSolid Floors is an affiliate company of Citadel Polyurea Coatings, launched in January 2008. Citadel Polyurea Coatings, a manufacturer of polyurea floor coatings, evolved over 40 years from a mid-size installation company into a leader in one-day polyurea floor applications. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn., United States, they began with foundation and horizontal pre-cast waterproofing, concrete restoration and polishing, as well as steel and bridge deck coatings. Their focus later shifted to engineering advanced polyurea floor coatings.