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BASF launches new coating materials for rotor blades

February 28, 2012

BASF Coatings has introduced two new coating technolobies for the coating of rotor blades. The new coating system, Relest Wind Leading Edge, improves the economic efficiency of wind turbines. It provides protection of the front and leading edge of the rotor blade from erosion and due to its high erosion resistance against rain, sand and hail Relest Wind Leading Edge is particularly useful for offshore turbines as it extends their life span and increases the service intervals. Moreover, the material offers major advantages in the application process: flexible film thicknesses are possible during the coating process, and the short drying time ensures high production efficiency said the company.

BASF’s answer to the enormous stresses and strains rotor blades are exposed to is the intelligent repair system Relest Wind RepKit. Wind and water, UV radiation, erosion and bending loads place highest demands on the rotor blade. At this immense height and rotation speeds, raindrops turn into real bullets when hitting the material. These stresses and strains may cause severe damage during a wind turbine’s life cycle that needs to be repaired in order to safeguard the turbine’s economic efficiency. In addition to all the materials and tools required for the repair, the new Relest Wind RepKit also includes extensive application training. The kit is characterized by its simple and fast handling. After being trained by BASF specialists, the employees of wind turbine operators will be able to implement professional repairs. The new Relest Wind RepKit is designed for stationary use both on the ground and on the turbine.