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Biolin Scientific launches Theta QC for quality control measurement

March 2, 2012

Attension has introduced Theta QC, a portable contact angle meter for quality control measurements of paints, coatings and coating processes that enables quick and scientific control of coating and substrate homogeneity, wettability, adhesion, surface-free energy and cleanliness. It can also be used to characterize liquid phase coating interaction with substrates (e.g. paints).

The company said Theta QC is the first contact angle meter to be completely wireless, standalone and handheld. This enables optimal freedom in movements and on site location when performing measurement in production lines and workshops. Automatic measurement, single push button operation and highly repeatable technology validate Theta QC as a convenient and reliable solution for at-line quality control.

Contact angle is an established technique for the characterization of solid surfaces and liquids. It consists in depositing a drop of liquid onto a solid surface and analyzing the drop shape to investigate wetting behaviors, providing information on various material properties such as homogeneity, wettability, adhesion, surface-free energy and cleanliness.

Lab bench contact angle meters have traditionally been used in research, development and quality control laboratories, for instance for the development of paints and coatings. Meeting the demand from industry for a more mobile yet precise, fast and convenient solution for at-line quality control measurements, Attension developed Theta QC.

Attension is one of the product organizations within the Biolin Scientific group, is a global provider of high-tech analytical instruments for nanoscale study of interfaces. The company is headquartered in Espoo, Finland.