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Cytec launches new dispersion for field applied matte floor coatings

March 5, 2012

Cytec Industries Inc. has introduced a new high performance acrylated polyurethane dispersion for UV curable field applied matte coatings on wood, vinyl and vinyl composition tile (VCT). Ucecoat 7891 dispersion allows for the development of low gloss formulations without the use of silicas or other particles and dead matte formulations with very low amounts of silica. This results in formulations with better shelf life, since the settling of particles is no longer a concern said the company. Cytec also said Ucecoat 7891-based floor coatings have a uniform, transparent matte appearance and floor coatings based on Ucecoat 7891 exhibit a good balance of flexibility and hardness, thus providing good adhesion and coin resistance. Solvent and chemical resistance are also provided.