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RockSolid Floors Garage Coat now available in tan

March 22, 2012

RockSolid Floors' Polyurea Garage Coat series has grown to include their new Tan Garage Coat. The Tan Garage Coat has a virtually unlimited pot-life, allowing installers as much time as they wish to finish their projects while preventing any waste said the company. At the same time, the company said the one-part composition of the Garage Coat series allows it to keep polyurea’s usual four to eight hour cure rate and 24 hour return to service once it’s applied and that polyurea is 20 times more durable and 98 percent more flexible than epoxy. It also has ultra low VOCs to make it environmentally friendly. The Tan Garage Coat package comes with an instructional DVD and booklet, safe etch, decorative chip, and the specially-designed RockSolid Floors Foam Roller. The company said this roller is the key to creating the exact thickness needed for optimal performance. Because the Garage Coat itself is a single layer product it doesn’t require any kind of sealer or top coat.