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Novagard earns trademark registration for Novagard UV light-curable and dual cure silicone products

March 23, 2012

Novagard Solutions, a global supplier of sealants, lubricants and other engineered products, has received trademark registration (U.S. Trademark Application No. 85/450,070) for Novagard UV, the company's line of ultraviolet light-curable and ultraviolet dual cure silicone products such as conformal coatings, potting or staking compounds, inks, encapsulating and gasketing compounds and gels and also electrically or thermally conductive products.

Novagard UV products combine the numerous performance advantages of silicone such as high or low temperature performance and endurance with the processing speeds of UV curing made possible by Novagard Solutions' patented UV cure chemistry. They are used primarily in the manufacture of electronic, automotive and medical components.

Novagard Solutions also recently announced the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. listing of Novagard UV 800-260 to the UL 746E specification under the QMJU2 testing protocol. This UL testing protocol and specification covers test procedures to be used for the evaluation of industrial laminates and other materials for use in fabricating printed circuit or wiring boards. Consequently, Novagard UV 800-260 is the only UV curable silicone conformal coating to be listed with UL 746E approval for conformal coatings of printed circuit boards and control boards for indoor or outdoor applications.

Novagard Solutions develops and manufactures sealants, coatings, lubricants and adhesives for the automotive, building construction, electrical, medical and product assembly industries.