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New Spies Hecker Permasolid 2.1 Surfacer 5157

May 2, 2012

Spies Hecker has introduced Permasolid 2.1 Surfacer 5157 is a 2K acrylic urethane with low VOC levels and is designed for use with both waterborne and solventborne base coats.

Permasolid 2.1 Surfacer 5157 is ideal for refinishers because of ease of application and increased productivity the company said. Spraying requires two to four coats and flash-off time is five to 10 minutes between coats. Its leveling properties means less sanding is required.

“Permasolid 2.1 Surfacer 5157 gives shops a low VOC, productive surfacer that will help increase productivity and improve final results,” said Debbie Curry, product manager, North America. “This new surfacer is not only fast and easy to spray, it also provides good absorption of overspray and exceptional feather edge capabilities, enabling technicians to achieve optimal final results.”

Permasolid 2.1 Surfacer 5157 is available in white and dark gray.

Based in Cologne, Germany, Spies Hecker is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of refinishing paints.