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PPG launches new CRE Series primers

May 2, 2012

PPG Commercial Coatings has introduced an enhanced version of its CRE Series corrosion-resistant epoxy primers. The new primers replace all versions of the CRE products currently sold in North America. The CRE-X21 Series primers provide a range of performance features that include improved chemical resistance, enhanced corrosion protection, a broad 96-hour recoat window, and excellent adhesion to galvanized, galvaneal and stainless steel as well as to current compatible substrates. Also, with a 2.1 lbs/gal blended VOC, the new series meets current regulations in the U.S. and Canada in PPG target markets.

“This series of greatly improved primers is the result of new raw material technology we are utilizing at PPG,” said Steve Podlas, marketing manager for PPG Commercial Coatings. “We have completely redesigned both sides of the primer/hardener package in making the improvements."

According to Podlas, the CRE-X21 Series primers offer higher film build capabilities and excellent sag resistance. The fill properties make the primers an ideal choice for application over sandblasted profiles. The primers also provide a smoother appearance allowing for a better finish appearance after the topcoat is applied.

The CRE-X21 Series primers are offered in three standard colors—black, gray and white—in addition to a tintable version. They are intended for use on trailers, cranes, service bodies, cryogenic equipment, and a variety of other manufactured items. The primers can be applied using conventional equipment, pressure pots, airless, air-assisted airless, or electrostatic spray equipment.