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Dunn-Edwards introduces new and improved Evershield flat, velvet and eggshell premium exterior paint

July 10, 2012

Dunn-Edwards has launched an improved version of its Evershield premium exterior flat, velvet and eggshell paint. Evershield is known for its exterior performance and durability, and the company has taken steps to further improve the product. Using advanced resin technology, the company said it was possible to improve water repellency and resistance to color fade and surfactant leaching of the flat and velvet, while still maintaining superior adhesion and grain crack resistance properties.

The new Evershield exterior eggshell paint now uses the same resin technology as Evershield exterior low sheen, semi-gloss and gloss paint. The Eggshell provides good gloss retention and dirt pick-up resistance. 

Like all other Dunn-Edwards products, Evershield premium paint is eco-friendly, EG-Free (no ethylene glycol or other toxic air contaminants) and produced in the world’s only LEED Gold-certified paint manufacturing plant. Evershield premium paint is ultra-low VOC at 50 grams per liter, and has very low odor both during and after application.

The improved Evershield premium exterior flat, velvet and eggshell paint will be available in Dunn-Edwards’ stores in August, and new product availability will vary from store to store.