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Industrial Nanotech awarded project for skylight insulation using Nansulate coatings

August 21, 2012

Industrial Nanotech, Inc., said its patented Nansulate translucent thermal insulation and protective coating was specified into a recently awarded renovation project in Miami, Fla. The nanotechnology-based coating, which insulates while allowing through visible light and providing UV resistance, will be used for skylight insulation in the Caribbean Marketplace Renovation Project.

The company said Nansulate coating technology is well suited for use as skylight insulation because it provides an effective way to reduce heat transfer through glass or plexiglass, while also allowing transmission of approximately 92 percent of visible light, as tested on pane glass, and providing important UV resistance.

Industrial Nanotech's coatings have been used in skylight applications at the Tampa Port Authority, The Vernon Bank in Louisiana, and at the Frost Art Museum at Florida International University. Skylights are often used in architecture to allow in natural daylight, which reduces the need for interior lighting. Unfortunately, without the protective advantage that Nansulate offers, they can act as a problem area for heat loss and gain, therefore increasing cooling and heating costs. Another issue is glare and harmful UV rays streaming through the glass, which are all problems that Nansulate coating technology helps solve the company said.

The return of the Caribbean Marketplace marks renewed efforts to boost tourism for Miami while preserving Little Haiti's history. The only building in South Florida to win the American Institute of Architects' national honor award, the structure was designed by Haitian-American Charles Harrison Pawley and inspired by the famed Iron Market in Port-au-Prince.