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Mereco introduces Metaduct 1245, an epoxy electrically conductive ultra-fast curing adhesive

August 22, 2012

Mereco has unveiled a new, ultra-fast curing silver adhesive which is electrically conductive for cold soldering and bonding electrical and electronic components where soldering is impractical. Mereco Metaduct 1245 is a fast curing rapid bonding room temperature setting epoxy electrically conductive adhesive. After only 45 seconds Mereco said MetaductTM 1245 provides tensile shear strengths in excess of 600 psi. This unique non-flammable one hundred percent solid adhesive has a 2:1 mix ratio by weight or by volume and sets to a highly electrically conductive bond. Mereco Metaduct 1245 repairs printed circuits, fastens down and seals electronic components, can replace soft soldering and welding of jewelry which can be electrically plated. It is used for bonding electrical and electronic devices where soldering is not practical and electrical conductivity is a requirement.