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Sachtleben introduces Sachtosperse EP barium sulfate particles to help enhance stability of powder coatings

August 22, 2012

Sachtleben has introduced Sachtosperse EP for powder coatings. Powder-coated aluminium sections and profiles, for windows and conservatories, for example, are sealed after production into polymer films to protect them during shipment and storage. The company said this form of protection can become problematic, however, if the profiles are stored outdoors before use, for instance; water can then condense between the film and the product. Exposure of this pairing of substances to intense UV radiation relatively quickly sets off fading on the surface of the profiles and causes mottling. Sachtleben said the incorporation of Sachtosperse EP into the powder-coating is a solution to this problem. Sachtosperse EP—functionalized, patented synthetic particles of barium sulfate—enhances the stability of the powder-coating system no complications the company said. Gloss remains unaffected, and in Sachtleben's new "two-in-one" product powder-coating producers get not only optimized protection but also the important filler functions they in any case need for their systems.

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