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Dürr receives Volkswagen Group Award

August 28, 2012

Volkswagen de México has presented Dürr with one of the Volkswagen Group Awards. The Mexican Group company Dürr de México, which is based in Querétaro, has received the award for its excellent performance at the VW factory in Puebla.

In 2010 and 2011, Dürr de México installed more than 100 painting robots there together with colleagues from Germany. The robots are used, among other things, for the interior painting of passenger car bodies as well as bumper painting. Paint booths and conveyor systems were also modified in the course of the robot installation. In addition, Dürr delivered a washing system, in which car bodies are cleaned between primer and base coat application.

“This award recognizes the strengths that Dürr stands for: employee commitment, decades of experience and innovative technologies, which help our customers increase their production efficiency," said Bruno Welsch, president at Dürr Systems North America, during the award ceremony in Puebla.

This year, the Volkswagen Group Award went to 18 suppliers from North America. It is presented by Volkswagen to honor the excellent performance of parts, equipment and services suppliers serving its factories in Chattanooga (USA) and Puebla (Mexico).