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Resinate launches R-162 resin for OEM metal coatings

August 28, 2012

Resinate Materials Group, Inc., a provider of resins and technology for the coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers industries, has launched its first commercial resin product line, R-162, to the public. R-162 is a waterborne aromatic anionic polyester polyurethane dispersion ideally suited for coating metal substrates such as aluminum, chrome and steel. R-162 provides corrosion resistance while also providing physical protection as a component of a topcoat. In addition to being waterborne, R-162 resin is sourced from sustainable domestic suppliers which results in a greener product and more stable prices the company said.

Prior to its commercial launch, Resinate offered R-162 as a customized solution to select clients seeking to improve their product performance. According to Stephen Hall, COO, “We initially developed R-162 to meet the needs of a handful of clients. Later, we determined this resin had excellent adhesion to a wide variety of metal substrates and acted as a superior anticorrosive coating. This resin has broad applications for manufactured metal products.”  

“The R-162 line of resins is also great for manufacturers concerned with the environmental impact of their manufacturing," said Ben Wodicker, senior vice president of business development. "This resin is low VOC and is sourced from sustainable domestic sources.”

“R-162 is a proven product with dynamic applications. We had a customer that was sourcing its resin from China and was having all sorts of performance and quality problems," said Daniel Seyer, vice president of research and development. "We were able to take their formulation and adjust it to include our R-162 resin. What resulted was a higher quality product that consistently passed performance tests but was also cheaper and greener because it was sourced domestically.”

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