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Union Process Circulation Attritor used for production scale biomass project pilot plant

October 4, 2012

Union Process, Inc.'s Q-25 Circulation Attritor is being used in a pilot plant environment to validate a production process for waste material to be utilized as a break-though "green" alternative energy resource.

For customers who already have an existing system with a premixing or holding tank, the high flow-rate inherent in the Circulation Attritor is an ideal option, according to the company. With an appropriate sized pumping system, a relatively small "Q" Attritor can efficiently grind material from a much larger process tank which means value-added benefits including maintenance and cost savings.

Circulation Attritors are ideal for uninterrupted, large-scale production. They deliver faster grinding with the desired narrow particle size distribution and are simple and safe to operate.

For more information on circulation grinding attritors, contact Union Process.