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Jotun offers Resist 65 & Resist ZES zinc primers

November 2, 2012

Jotun has expanded the Resist product line by two new zinc primers, Resist 65 and Resist ZES. The primers were developed by Jotun's Regional Laboratory for South-East Asia in Kuala Lumpur.

Resist 65 and Resist ZES are two-component, solvent based inorganic zinc ethyl silicate primers. Thanks to their improved shelf life, they are even more cost-effective than their predecessor products, Joanne Foo, Innovation Project Executive at Jotun says.

Resist 65 is a zinc primer that provides excellent protection to steel substrates exposed to corrosive environment. It can be used as the first coat in a multiple layer system for long term protection. Resist ZES is best applied as zinc primer on blast cleaned steel. Resist ZES can be used in combination with advanced coating systems to further improve protection against corrosion.

Resist 65 will be available worldwide, while the sale of Resist ZES initially will be limited to the South East-Asian market. Countries that hold the necessary production license for the two products include Malaysia, China, Korea, Turkey and the UK.