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World Top Paints & Coatings Competitors Analyzed in New Cutting-Edge VPG Study Published at

November 27, 2012

The paints and coating industry involves companies that produce paints, varnishes, lacquers, shellacs and stains. It is clearly divided into the two subsectors - architectural and industrial. Despite the sluggish economic climate, the global paints and coating coatings market performed well in 2011. Among a range of reasons contributing to this growth one can name a surge in demand for industrial building up and the enhanced development of the automotive business. Region-wise, the markets U.S. and Europe are also predicted to mature in the closest run, driven by an increase in technology and product development, unique formulas' creation as well as favorable government regulations.
The most renowned players in the world paints & coatings industry include Akzo Nobel NV (AKZA), PPG Industries, The Sherwin-Williams Company, DuPont, BASF, RPM International Inc., Diamond Vogel Paints, SACAL, Valspar Corporation, and Nippon Paint.
New research study "Innovative Paint and Coatings Technologies and Emerging Markets" drawn up by Venture Planning Group (VPG) is aimed at examining the performance, capabilities, goals and strategies of the leading competitors in the worldwide paints and coatings universe.