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Licensee Program Brings Corrosion Protection to HVACR Community Worldwide

December 12, 2012

Luvata, a world leader in metal solution manufacturing, heat transfer technology and engineering and design services, is introducing a certified training and licensee programme that will quickly bring its branded Insitu spray-applied coil corrosion protection to key coastal locations worldwide.

Luvata Insitu is a water-based, synthetic flexible polymer coating, engineered specifically to extend the lives of HVAC/R heat transfer coils and components. The spray-applied coating maintains operating efficiency while reducing maintenance and operating costs and comes with a five year warranty.

Luvata acquired AST ElectroFin in 2007 and has quickly expanded its coil coatings business from just two locations to seven, including the recent ground-breaking on a new location in Ramos, Mexico. The introduction of certified licensee locations around the world will meet demand in key coastal locations, such as Hawaii, Aruba, Venezuela and South Africa, where coil corrosion from salty air is more prevalent.

"The rapid growth of our coatings business is simply due to demand for an excellent, high-performing service," said Luvata CEO John Peter Leesi.  "The opportunity to expand this business further with certified Luvata Insitu applicators will better serve our customers worldwide.”
Luvata offers two proven protective coatings for HVACR equipment - ElectroFin® E-coat and Luvata Insitu. Insitu is applied to equipment on location, whereas ElectroFin E-Coat is a factory-applied, full-immersion solution. They are recognized internationally by HVACR equipment manufacturers as the best corrosion protection coatings for coastal environments.
The status of Luvata’s San Leandro location in Northern California will change from a company-owned location to being a licensed-applicator. All other locations will remain company-owned and operated.