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Troy Exhibit Brings Value to China Coat 2012 Visitors

December 21, 2012

Troy Corporation’s exhibit at China Coat 2012 in Guangzhou, China from November 28-30th highlighted how Troy can help Asia-Pacific customers reach performance and cost targets through exceptional technical service and use of advanced, high-performance products, some of which are engineered specifically for the Asia-Pacific region.

“With a broad line of innovative, high performance Polyphase dry-film preservatives, Mergal® wet-state preservatives, and Performance Additives, Troy offers manufacturers the opportunity to exceed their performance goals and achieve cost savings at the same time,” says Don Shaw, Vice President, Troy Asia. “Visitors to the Troy stand were interested in preservatives and additives that can add value to their paints and coatings, give them an edge over their competition, and save them money in the long run.”

Polyphase Dry-Film Preservatives
Polyphase preservatives address some of the biggest concerns of the paint and coatings industry in the Asia-Pacific region, namely low cost-in-use, long-lasting performance in tropical climates, and favorable environmental attributes. “Troy products such as Polyphase 689, an advanced broad-spectrum fungicide/algaecide that offers industry-leading efficacy at very low use levels, demonstrate Troy’s dedication to Asia and our ability to develop the products that will enable our customers to succeed in their markets,” continues Shaw. Troy maintains multiple field testing sites in Asia for the evaluation of the full line of Polyphase dry-film preservatives to ensure dependable film protection in end-use coatings.

Mergal Wet-State Preservatives
Advanced wet-state preservation technologies from Troy afford manufacturers the ability to meet a wide range of performance goals, from contamination remediation to long-term protection, as well as optimized cost-in-use. Mergal K12N & 758, for instance, are zero-VOC multi-active preservatives engineered for today’s ‘greener’ coatings, offering both short-term control of contamination and long-term protection. 

Performance Additives
Troy offers its Z-line of multifunctional additives, comprised of innovative products that are free of VOCs, HAPs, and APE. New are Troysol Z370 universal wetting and mar & slip additive; Troysol Z372, universal mar & slip additive; and Troysol Z377, acrylic flow additive for solvent systems.

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