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TAICROS Crosslinking Additive Gives Chemical Resistance to Coatings

March 12, 2013

CompanyEvonik Industries is now bringing on to the market the successful TAICROS crosslinking booster in yet another promising application: As an additive in UV-curable clear coatings, TAICROS ensures chemical resistance and improved mechanical properties. Market demand is growing for eco-friendly alternatives to conventional solvent-borne coatings; for this reason, UV-curable clear coatings are becoming increasingly important. Their weak point so far has been a less than optimal resistance to chemical attack; TAICROS, however, shows good results in overcoming this problem. Moreover, the chemical structure of the additive improves the mechanical properties, particularly for intercoat adhesion in multicoat structures. TAICROS is a reactive diluent that promotes UV irradiation induced crosslinking.

The product has already been used successfully for more than ten years in various applications in the plastics and rubber industries, for example in plastic films for protection of photovoltaic cells. In collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA), Evonik has now developed novel formulations allowing improved performance in radiation curable coatings such as UV-curable clear coatings.

At the symposium running concurrently with the ECS, Dr. Marc Entenmann of the Fraunhofer IPA will give a presentation at 12.00

noon on March 18 in the NürnbergConvention Center. He will talk about UV-curable clear coatings and present the results of the

work done jointly with Evonik.