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PPG Pittsburgh Paints Brand Unveils The Voice of Color Paint Your Own Room Visualizer Mobile Version

May 13, 2013

The PPG Pittsburgh Paints brand has released a mobile version of The Voice of Color Paint Your Own Room Visualizer with PPG EasyEdge Technology, providing homeowners and designers with an all-in-one digital tool that now works directly from a tablet device’s mobile browser. Offering the first room visualizer accessible via tablet device, The Voice of Color Paint Your Own Room Visualizer enables homeowners and designers to use a tablet’s browser and camera in concert to take a photo and virtually paint a room through a single seamless process.

With use of tablet devices on the rise, the mobile The Voice of Color Paint Your Own Room Visualizer enables homeowners and designers to envision any of the 1,900 colors in the PPG Pittsburgh Paints line on a wall. With just a few clicks, users can try the color on the wall and see all the coordinating colors that could go on ceilings, trim and more to find the perfect colors for their next projects. Moving the project from concept to reality, the Paint Your Own Room Visualizer also allows homeowners and designers to find the nearest PPG Pittsburgh Paints brand store, where they can bring their project on their mobile device to purchase their desired paint colors.

“Over the past three years, we have seen a significant rise in traffic to The Voice of Color website coming from mobile devices, which, coupled with the increased reliance on tablets and smartphones, helped spur the development of the patent-pending mobile version of the Paint Your Own Room Visualizer,” said Dee Schlotter, brand manager, The Voice of Color program of the PPG Pittsburgh Paints brand. “The tool gives designers a visual helper, accessible anywhere they go. And homeowners who were previously unable to use the Visualizer can now have access anywhere they go.”

The Paint Your Own Room Visualizer uses PPG EasyEdge Technology, which offers industry-exclusive functionality to provide virtual painters with unprecedented control and detail for realistic quality, according to the company. It considers elements in a room photo such as lighting, angles, furniture and trim to provide virtual painters with the simulated precision of painting a real room. By electronically mapping and outlining a room, PPG’s EasyEdge Technology removes the time-consuming elements for homeowners and designers, enabling them to simply touch the desired color and drag it to the wall they want to paint.
Data and painted room images are now saved in the "cloud," giving homeowners and designers access to all their stored information from any point of contact – their desktop, mobile visualizer and PPG mobile app. Painted rooms can also be shared on social media pages directly from the Visualizer.

“Today’s homeowners rely on their social media circle of friends more and more for opinions on fashion, travel and home décor, and today's designers enjoy sharing their creations with their social media circle of friends, so the sharing functionality helps generate feedback on a room before the actual work on a room project begins,” Schlotter added. “In one easy process, homeowners or designers can now take a photo of their rooms with their tablet, go to the visualizer on and test out that striking black or bold blue to see what it will look on the actual ceiling or accent wall.”

To access the Paint Your Own Room Visualizer, visit For additional mobile color tools, homeowners and designers can download the complete The Voice of Color mobile app for iOS and Android devices.