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Frost and Sullivan Hosts Complimentary Webinar Examining Growth Prospects in Europe and Africa

June 14, 2013

Frost and Sullivan will host a complimentary webinar June 17 uniting experts to examine growth prospects in Europe and Africa.  The webinar will be moderated by Vinod Aggarwal, Chief Economist 
and features panelists:  Aroop Zutshi, Global President & Managing Partner; 
Jan E. Kristiansen, Partner & Director, Europe; 
Dorman Followwill, Partner & Director, Europe; 
Hendrik Malan, Operations Director, Africa; 
Gary Jeffery, Partner & Director, Europe; 
John Raspin, Partner & Director, Energy & Environment, Europe.

The first half of 2013, for many countries and markets, has proven to be a far greater challenge than anticipated. Global economic expectations have been crushed with the downward revision of many growth indicators in Europe and Africa.

This online conference will identify the reasons for this negative market sentiment and whether, or rather when, a change in growth momentum can be expected. It will allow insight into pockets of growth within Europe and whether these will be the catalyst to spark the European engine back to life.

"Currently Europe is at a tipping-point. Austerity revisions have increased social tensions, placing scrutiny on the effectiveness of the measures imposed”, stated Jan E. Kristiansen, Frost & Sullivan Partner & Director for Europe. “There is a fine balance to be achieved between strict implementation and being pragmatic about the pace of implementation. Increasingly too, European Governments are acting to speed up the return of sustainable Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth within the region. It is, of course, still very early days; however, Frost & Sullivan expects the first signs of recovery to occur towards the end of this year."

Emerging markets are key to the future growth development of Europe and a special focus will be placed on Europe’s fastest growing economies. Frost & Sullivan's team will examine how they are expected to drive growth in the region.

As a result of the financial crisis, trade and investment patterns in Europe have also changed, with Africa gaining significant interest.

The regional focus on Africa will assess the profitability of the market and focus on the challenges and opportunities present in today’s economically fragile global environment. The African renaissance is expected in the next 10 years and 2013 will see many changes take place on the continent. The briefing will briefly identify the major growth catalysts in Africa and how these will emerge in 2013.

To attend the conference, receive a copy of the presentation slides and a link to the audio recording, send an email to, Corporate Communication, with  full contact details.

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