Pigment Suppliers Directory

August 28, 2008

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Alex Color Company

Ashland, PA
Fax: (570) 875-0885
E-mail: joealex@alexcolor.com
Web: www.alexcolor.com
Pigments Offered: Aqueous Pigment Dispersions

Product name: Al-Acrylic Aqueous Pigment Dispersions
Attributes/comments: Al-Acrylic dispersions are designed for use in acrylic emulsion paints and are available in a wide variety of pigments/colors.

Product name: W Series Aqueous Pigment Dispersions
Attributes/comments: W Series dispersions are resin-free, low VOC dispersions primarily designed for compliant inks and coatings. APE-free versions are available.

AsiaFine Chemical

Taipei, China
+86 21 3777 2188 ext. 105;
U.S. (630) 396-0984
Fax: +86 21 3777 2218
E-mail: info@asiafine.com
Web: www.asiafine.com
Pigments offered: Blues, Greens, Metallic Pigments, Reds, Yellows and Oranges

Product name: Infinitra Yellow 1510 (PY 151)
Attributes/comments: Infinitra Yellow 1510-C.I. Yellow 151, 4G shade, economical, light fastness 7-8, solvent and waterborne paint, benzimidazolone, used in industrial coating, automotive coating and powder coating.

Product name: Infinitra Orange 730
Attributes/comments: Infinitra Orange 730-C.I. Orange 73, economical, light fastness 7-8, solvent and waterborne paint, benzimidazolone, used in industrial coating, automotive coating and powder coating

BASF Corp.

Florham Park, NJ
(800) 962-7829
Fax: (800) 971-1123
E-mail: colorseffectscustomercare@basf.com
Web: www.basf.com/usa
Pigments Offered: Blacks (perylene, anthraquinone, Cu/Cr/Mn oxide, Fe/Cr/Mc oxide); Blues (phthalocyanine blue, indanthrone blue, cobalt blue); Extender Pigments (attapulgite, kaolin); Greens (phthalocyanine green cobalt green); Iron Oxide Pigments; Metallic Pigments (coated iron oxide aluminum); Reds (perylene reds, lithol reds, 2B reds, para reds, naphthol reds, lake reds, lithol rubine, specialty azo reds, synergy hybrid reds); Specialty Pigments (mica and glass flakes specialty pigments, perylene black); Yellows and Oranges (bismuth vanadate, quinaphthalone, azo lake, isoindoline, lead chromate, chrome titanate, benzimidazalone, specialty azo yellows, monoarylide yellows, diarylide yellows, nickel titanate, chrome titanate, synergy hybrid yellows)

Product name: Sico Yellow L 1250 HD Pigment
Attributes/comments: A PY74 monoazo pigment designed for architectural and general application, offering weatherfastness along with good hiding power, high chroma and excellent color strength.

Product name: Colormotion Pigments
Attributes/comments: Borosilicate pigments with high chromaticity, color purity, brightness and reflectivity, with a color shifting effect depending on angle of vision.

Burgess Pigment Company

Sandersville, GA
(478) 552-2544
Fax: (478) 552-4281
E-mail: info@burgesspigment.com
Web: www.burgesspigment.com
Pigments Offered: Extender Pigments (aluminum silicate, kaolin clay)

Product name: Optiwhite
Attributes/comments: Specialty flash calcined kaolins to maximize titanium dioxide extension while maintaining wet and dry opacity, and improving touch, scrub, burnish and sheen control.

Clariant Corporation

Coventry, RI
(800) 441-4414
Fax: (401) 823-2565
E-mail: info@clariant.com
Web: www.pa.clariant.com
Pigments Offered: Dispersions (aqueous, non-aqueous); Blacks (carbon black); Blues (phthalocyanine); Greens (phthalocyanine); Iron Oxide Pigments (yellow iron oxide); Reds (lithol rubine, metallized azo red, naphthol red, perylene red, quinacridone red, quinacridone violet, red lake, toluidine red); Yellows and Oranges (diarylide orange, diarylide yellow, hansa yellow, metallized yellow, orthonitraniline orange, dinitraniline orange) �

Product name: Hostaperm Yellow HN4G
Attributes/comments: Pigment yellow 150; highly transparent green shade yellow with outstanding weatherfastness even in high reductions; recommended for greenish yellow metallic and effect shades in solvent- and waterborne systems.

Elpis Technologies

Midland, MI
(866) 643-5747
Fax: (989) 923-1572
E-mail: wcooper@elpisllc.com
Web: www.elpistechnologies.com
Pigments Offered: Metallic Pigments (effects); Specialty Pigments (effects)

Product name: Metal-Lyte
Attributes/comments: Metal-Lyte products are produced from specially selected substrates which are encapsulated with metallic pigments to produce a highly reflective flake. For use in paint and coatings and waterborne coatings.

Product name: Vermicular
Attributes/comments: Vermicular is specially selected vermiculite which is colored to give a wide range of decorative effects. For use in paint and coatings, thermoset resins and cement products.

Flint Group Pigments �

Elizabethtown, KY
(800) 433-4742
Fax: (270) 737-0318
E-mail: customer.service.pigments@flintgrp.com
Web: www.pigments.flintgrp.com
Pigments Offered: Blues (alkali, phthalo, victoria); Greens (phthalo); Reds (lithol, naphthal, other); Yellows and Oranges (diaryl, hansa and other)

Heucotech Ltd.

Fairless Hills, PA
(215) 736-0712
Fax: (215) 736-2249
E-mail: sales@heubachcolor.com
Web: www.heubachcolor.com
Pigments Offered: Blacks (complex inorganic colored pigments [CPIs]); Blues (phthalocyanine, indanthrone, CPIs); Corrosion Inhibiting (calcium, zinc, strontium phosphates); Greens (phthalocyanine, CPIs); Reds (naphthols, benzimadazolone, DPP, quinacridone); Specialty Pigments (dispersions, colorants); Yellows and Oranges (bismuth vanadate, CPIs, organic yellow 74 and 83, diazo); Whites (titanium dioxide dispersions)

Product name: Heucosil CTF
Attributes/comments: Heucosil CTF is a highly effective zinc-free anticorrosive based on calcium modified silica gel. It meets the specific performance requirements for coil coating and other thin-film applications.

Product name: Monolite Red 325401
Attributes/comments: Monolite Red 325402, based on DPP chemistry is� a clean medium shade, opaque pigment with outstanding fastness properties suitable for a wide range of coating applications, especially for automotive coatings.

Hoover Color Corp.

Hiwassee, VA
(540) 980-7233
Fax: (540) 980-8781
E-mail: hoover@hoovercolor.com
Web: www.hoovercolor.com
Pigments Offered: Iron oxide pigments (umber natural iron oxides)

Product name: Raw and Burnt Umber Natural Iron Oxides
Attributes/comments: Umbers are one of the most versatile natural iron oxides. Hoover Color offers 22 standard grades of umbers. Despite their dark appearance, they are close in crystal structure to yellow iron oxides. In their "raw" form, this yellow crystal structure gives raw umbers their pleasant greenish undertone. Often referred to as a neutral toner when used in combination with other pigments, raw umbers can be used to darken a color mix without significantly altering the chromaticity of the other pigments in the mix. Raw umber has limited heat stability, but this allows us to heat-treat the umber and convert it to a heat-stable red structure. The resulting "burnt" umber has a pleasing warm red undertone, along with improved heat stability. It is widely used as a basic brown in many applications. It can also be used as the cornerstone pigment in a base to produce a wide range of brown shades.

Lansco Colors

Montvale, NJ
(800) 526-2783
Fax: (201) 307-5885
E-mail: frank@pigments.com
Web: www.pigments.com
Pigments Offered: Blacks (carbon black); Blues (phthalo, ultramarine, milori); Corrosion Inhibiting (zinc and strontium based); Greens (phthalo, chromium oxide); Iron Oxide Pigments; Metallic Pigments (aluminum); Reds (metal salt azo, naphthol, DPP, quinacridone, rhodamine); Specialty Pigments (high performance pigments); Yellows and Oranges (diarylide, hansa, benzimidazolone, lead chromate, moly orange); Whites (TiO2)

Product name: 2194 Benzimidazolone Yelllow 194
Attributes/comments: A bright, green shade yellow with very good light and weatherfastness, especially in deep shades. Recommended for cost effective formulas in industrial paint and powder coatings.

Product name: UPL-3376H Ultramarine Blue
Attributes/comments: A medium shade, strong ultramarine blue recommended for most applications. Other shades are also available.

Lanxess Corp.

Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 809-1528
E-mail: info@lanxess.com
Web: www.us.lanxess.com
Pigments Offered: Blacks (iron oxide); Blues (phthalocyanine); Greens (phthalocyanine, chrome oxide); Iron Oxide Pigments (synthetic); Reds (iron oxide, azo red); Yellows and Oranges (iron oxide, azo yellow)

Shepherd Color

Cincinnati, OH
(513) 874-0714
Fax: (513) 874-5061
E-mail: salesusa@shepherdcolor.com
Web: www.shepherdcolor.com
Pigments Offered: Blacks (complex inorganic color pigments [CICPs]); Blues (CICPs); Greens (CICPs); Metallic Pigments (silver coated glass flakes), Yellows and Oranges (CICPs)

Product name: Dynamix Black 30C933
Attributes/comments: A unique, innovative "stir-in" inorganic color pigment Black 30C933 is CI Pigment Black 26. Typical applications include liquid and powder coatings, silicate and masonry coatings and radiation cured coatings.

Product name: Dynamix Green 30C612
Attributes/comments: CI Pigment Green 50 is a yellow-shade green. It is part of the Arctic range of coatings and can be used in color matches to maximize TSR, minimize heat build up and reduce energy costs.

Sun Chemical

Cincinnati, OH
(513) 681-5950, (800) 543-2323
Fax: (513) 632-1537
Web: www.sunpigments.com
Pigments Offered: Metallic pigments (aluminum pigments); Reds (DPP 254)

Product Name: SunMetallics
Attributes/comments: Aluminum pigments available in both cornflake and silver dollar, offer a range of non-leafing metallic effects for protective coatings, can and coil, OEM, automotive trim, consumer electronics and industrial applications.

Product Name: Surpass Elite W 122
Attributes/comments: A stir-in version of Red 122 that eliminates bead milling, increases capacity, reduces processing time, lowers conversion costs, is non-dusting, increases color capability, is surfactant-free and simplifies quality control.

Toyo Color America LLC

Teaneck, NJ
(201) 287-4000
Fax: (201) 836-4982
E-mail: sales@toyocolor.com
Web: www.toyocolor.com
Pigments Offered: Blues (PB15 thought 15:6 PB60); Greens (PG7, 36); Reds (PV19, PV23, PR133)

Product name: Lionogen Violet FG-6140
Attributes/comments: Treated for coatings.

Product name: Lionogen Violet FG-6143
Attributes/comments: Treated for coatings. �

Sigmund Lindner GmbH

Warmensteinach. Germany
Fax: 0049-9277-99499
E-mail: sili@sigmund-lindner.com
Web: www.sili.eu
Pigments Offered: Metallic pigments (aluminum glitter)

Royale Pigments and Chemicals

Paramus, NJ 
(201) 845-4666
E-mail: blairmike1@aol.com
Web: www.royalepigment-chem.com
Pigments Offered: Iron Oxide Pig�ments, Specialty Pigments (pearlescent, fluorescent)

Product name: EZ Series Easy Dispersing Iron Oxides
Attributes/comments: Shade and strength matched to elements.

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