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Works of art in black oxide

July 20, 2011

Artist Anne Lindberg turned to Cleveland Black Oxide for the perfect flat black color.

It’s not often that artists seek out black oxide finishing suppliers but that was the case when artist and sculptor Anne Lindberg sought the services of Cleveland Black Oxide.

A native of Kansas City, MO, Lindberg’s work is widely exhibited in the U.S. and throughout the world. Some years ago she began experimenting with projects using piano wire and stainless steel wire and rods of varying thickness. She fastened these wire rods, sometimes thousands of them, onto a backing material in varying shapes and densities giving a striking three-dimensional effect. Her work is displayed over a large area in the gallery inviting viewers to apply their own interpretations. She often combines wood or other material with the wire to add dimension and achieve a particular visual effect. The trick, she says, is to have the rods bend with just the right arc.  

In experimenting with paint and other surface treatments, Lindberg discovered that black oxide would give the flat black color she was searching for without altering the thickness of the stainless wire or its bending properties. Unlike paint or powder coating, black oxide is a surface conversion process and does not alter the physical dimensions of the part. Finishes can range from flat to shiny depending on surface conditions and post process treatments.

“We see all kinds of parts come in for black oxide but this has to be one of the most interesting and beautiful applications,” said David Tatham, president of Cleveland Black Oxide. “We’re proud that Anne chose us to be a partner in her work.”

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