Media and Milling Directory

June 6, 2013

Here is a look at the latest offerings from select media and milling manufacturers. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.

Charles Ross & Son Company
Hauppauge, NY USA
Fax: 631-234-0691

• Ross MegaShear Ultra-High Shear Mixer
The Ross MegaShear Ultra-High Shear Mixer consists of a special rotor/stator designed to run at top speeds over 11,000 ft./minute and generate complex turbulent mixing patterns. It imparts extremely high levels of hydraulic shear to pumpable pastes and slurries without sacrificing throughput. The aggressive particle size reduction achieved in the MegaShear allows many manufacturers to switch from low-throughput and high-operating cost equipment such as three roll mills, colloid mills, immersion mills, media mills and high pressure homogenizers. Sample applications include specialty coatings, paints, inks, polymer suspensions and nanodispersions.

Custom Milling & Consulting Inc.
Fleetwood, PA USA
Fax: 610-926-0989

• CMC Batch Mill
CMC launches latest generation for wet milling tank processing.  The CMC Batch Mill is now available with additional media screen sizes to handle coarse raw materials as large as 2,000 microns.  This basket-style mill has the ability to premix and wet mill without the use of a traditional high-speed dissolver blade.  Results of D50 2.0 microns and D100 10 microns can be achieved in less than 120 minutes, even with coarse starting particle sizes.  The batch mill offers expanded capacity or product consistency over traditional media mill technology.  Equipment trials are available in the pilot facility.

E.R Advanced Ceramics
East Palestine, OH USA
Fax: 330-426-1859

• 755RMV Unitized Jar Mill
U.S. Stoneware’s recently updated 755RMV is the workhorse of lab jar mills. With a solid steel welded frame, solid-state variable speed drive, “no creep” rolls to keep the jar centered and capacity of 60 pounds this unit will provide years of trouble free performance.

Glen Mills
Clifton, NJ USA
Fax: 973-777-0070

• 300 Series Cast Stainless Steel Shot
The 300 Series Cast Stainless Steel Shot fulfills requirements for a small diameter grinding media (beads) under 1.5mm to as small as 0.106mm in a low cost stainless steel.  Normally for steel, especially for stainless, when diameters drop below 1.0mm, the price become prohibitive. However, this Glen Mills’ Stainless Steel Shot is very attractively priced currently at $7.00 per pound and lower based on quantity.  By a unique manufacturing process, a very round, bright metallic appearing ball, with a specific gravity over 7.0, with few hollows is produced. The quality of these beads reduces both mill and bead wear, offers easy color changeover and has good density for thick/viscous runs. The 300 Series Cast Stainless Steel Shot are offered in several size cuts with midpoints approximately 0.2mm, 0.35mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, and 1.0mm. 

Netzsch Premier Technologies, LLC.
Exton, PA USA
484-879-2020; Fax: 610-280-1299

• Omega Economic Dispenser
The Omega combines the principals of high pressure homogenization and micro-cavitation into one new machine, which produces fine particle dispersions comparable to results produced with traditional “bead mills,” but without contamination or other negative side effects which can sometimes be produced by bead milling. The Omega brings many technical benefits including more efficient dispersion (i.e. lower energy requirements), significantly reduced heat, reproducibility and easy cleaning/product changing. Applications for Omega include pigment dispersions in paints and inks, emulsions, as well as specialized applications for shear or impact sensitive materials such as carbon nanotubes, metal flake and others.

Norstone Inc./Grinding Media Depot
Bridgeport, PA USA
Fax: 610-275-2404

• Sefa Steel Shot
Steel shot specifically designed for use in media mills with rounder particles and a narrower particle size distribution, available in 3 hardness levels. Sizes start at 150 micron.
Also new and improved/toughened zirconia silica, high-density zirconia silica, high alumina micro beads, 0.3 mm cerium beads and more.

Schold Machine Corp.
Chicago, IL USA

• High Viscosity Mill
This high viscosity, high body, low temperature Media Mill is the first domestic vertical disk type mill to grind high viscosity, poor flowing bases of all colors. Its patent pending design promotes aggressive grinding, while doing it at the lowest temperatures ever attained by their previous mills. This design technique is even capable of grinding UV bases with the photo Initiator in situ. The mills are available in 25, 60, and 100 gallon vertical chamber volumes, and in all their Horizontal Mills as well.