Thermal Barrier Coating System

August 9, 2005

Thermal Barrier Coating System
With Aluminide Bond Coat
● Patent No. U.S. 6,340,500 B1
General Electric Company,
Cincinnati, OH was awarded a patent
for a method of improving the thermal
fatigue life of a thermal barrier coating
system that comprises a thermal
barrier adhered to a diffusion aluminide
bond coat on the surface of a
component. The method is comprised
of following: depositing the bond coat
on the component so as to be characterized
by substantially columnar
grains that extend substantially
through that portion of the bond coat
overlying the surface of the component,
the grains, the grains having
grain boundaries exposed at the surface
of the bond coat, the grain boundaries
defining grain boundary ridges
at the surface of the bond coat; peening
the surface of the bond coat at an
intensity between 6A up to 12A and
with a coverage of at least 100% to
flatten some of the grain boundary
ridges and thereby form flattened
grain boundary surfaces; and then
depositing the thermal barrier coating
on the surface of the bond coat. ●