Polyurethane Dispersions for Waterborne Plastic Coatings

August 10, 2005

Polyurethane Dispersions for Waterborne Plastic Coatings
● Patent No. Europe 1 159 323
Polyurethane dispersions for waterborne coatings on plastics, especially
on automotive components, have been patented by BASF Coatings Ag. The
compositions provides a film with good adhesion, appearance and water and
salt spray resistance, which can be used in wet-on-wet systems. It contains
polyurethane based on polyester polyol(s), Mn 1000-4000, acid value preferably
zero to 10, OH no. preferably 50-120, based on acyclic aliphatic and
cycloaliphatic dicarboxylic acids, with diol(s) and triol(s), compound(s) with
NCO-reactive groups and anion-forming functional group(s), acyclic aliphatic
and cycloaliphatic diisocyanates.

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