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Lubrizol Coatings

August 10, 2005

Lubrizol Coatings
Launches LiquiMatt 6000
l Lubrizol Coating Additives GmbH has launched LiquiMatt 6000, a new approach for matting aqueous systems. LiquiMatt 6000 is a liquid surface modifier, a hybrid of a spherical shaped natural wax and carbonic acid derivative. It contains over 99% active and non-volatile material. It is an example of hybrid dispersion technology; the optimized particle size and shape of the wax gives soft feel and resistance to marring and scratching while the selected carbonic acid derivative introduces a unique “micro-matting” layer in the film, resulting in matte, silky surface, according to the company.
Because of its liquid form, there is no problem with dusting or settling. LiquiMatt 6000 enables environmental friendly manufacturing of high-end aqueous furniture lacquers and is the ideal solution for production with automatic dosing equipment. Because of its liquid form, it also may function as a post-additive. More info: Lubrizol Coating Additives GmbH, +49 (0)421 6933 3 • Fax: +49 (0)421 6933 400 • Web: www.lzcoatingadditives.com.

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