Polyacrylics with Pendant Acetoacetonate Moieties

August 10, 2005

Patent No. U.S. 6,432,483 B1
DuPont has obtained a patent for a coating composition comprising a crosslinking component that contains a polyketimine having an average of at least two ketimine functionalities per polyketimine molecule and a binder component comprising a polyacetoacetate with a Tg in the range of 40˚-150˚C and having at least two acetoacetate functionalities. Said polyacetoacetate being polymerized from a monomer mixture comprising a methacrylate monomer, a styrene monomer, or a combination thereof. Said methacrylate and styrene monomers each have a bulky pendant moiety. The coating should have a two-hour cure, and a Persoz hardness greater than or equal to 60 for a dry film thickness greater than or equal to 40 microns.