August 10, 2005

Patent No. U.S. 6,500,249
Chemically reactive concrete stains
and methods of forming these stains
have been patented. They are comprised
of saturated hydrochloric acid
solutions of blended metallic salts that
are chemically reactive with masonry
concrete, stone and like materials. The
concentrated stains produce a full
spectrum of colors derived from earth
elements in the metals and transition
element group, and from ores, and
refined chemicals.
Groups of concentrated mixtures
emphasize colors such as black, yellow,
cyan and magenta to produce an
overall earth-tone color. By separately
dissolving each heavy metal constituent
in an acid solution to the
point of total saturation or crystallization,
and then adding these mixtures
to a predetermined base acid mixture,
a stable, concentrated stain results.
Ingredients are blended to produce a
chosen color spectrum by adjusting
mixture proportions. End-users control
the darkness and lightness of the
desired color.
The finish is easily maintained and
will not chip, peel or fade. The concentrated
solution allows for optimum
cost savings during shipping and storage,
according to the patent.