August 10, 2005

Patent No. U.S. 6,509,104 B2
Michigan Biotechnology Institute, Lansing, MI has received a patent for a process for rendering the surface of a substrate non-thrombogenic. The process: providing a polymer having side chains along a backbone forming the polymer, at least two of the side chains containing an amino group; mixing the polymer with a crosslinking agent and a linking agent to produce a polymer solution, the crosslinking agent containing at least two crosslinking functional groups that react with the amino groups, and the linking agent containing a first functional group and a second functional group, the first functional group reacting with a third functional group of the crosslinking agent; providing a substrate; coating at least a portion of the substrate with the polymer solution to produce a crosslinked polymer coating on the substrate; and contacting at least a portion of the crosslinked polymer coating on the substrate with an anti-thrombogenic agent whereby the anti-thrombogenic agent covalently bonds to the second functional group of the linking agent.