Kansai Paint Patents

August 11, 2005

Kansai Paint Patents
Inorganic film-forming coating
Patent No. U.S. 6,565,641 B1
Kansai Paint has received a patent for a heat modified, inorganic film-forming coating composition prepared by heat treating at 80° to 100° C or autoclaving at 80° to 200° C an inorganic film-forming coating composition to form titanium oxide fine particles. The inorganic film-forming coating composition is prepared by a method comprising adding titanium monomer and/or a low condensation product that contains the group hydrolyzed to form a hydroxyl group into a mixture of hydrogen peroxide water with water in such an amount that the titanium monomer and/or the low condensation product may be hydrolyzed followed by reacting to form a hydroxyl group-containing titanium compound and immediately followed by coordinating the hydroxyl group-containing titanium compound with hydrogen peroxide to form a chelate solution and obtaining an inorganic film-forming coating composition comprising the chelate solution. The titanium monomer contains the group hydrolyzed to form hydroxyl group being represented by formula Ti(OR)4, wherein R is same or different, and represents an alkyl group having one to five carbon atoms.