August 11, 2005

Patent No. U.S. 6,822,012 B1
Ashland Inc. has received a patent for
a flat peelable coating composition. The
coating is comprised of a blend of an
effective amount of an aqueous
polyurethane dispersion resin having an
average molecular weight of between
50,000 to 5,000,000 containing at least
40% by weight solids contents; solvent
selected from the group consisting of
water, ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, isopropyl
alcohol, and butyl alcohol, in an
amount ranging from about five to 30%
by weight of the total weight percent of
the composition; a release agent in an
amount between 0.1-10% of the total
weight percent of the composition. The
release agent is selected from the group
consisting of soy lecithin, organosilicone
fluids, nonylphenoxypoly-(ethyleneoxy)
ethanol, oleic acid polyethylene glycol
monostearate, petrolatum, sodium alkyl
benzene, sulfonates, siloxanes, polyglycols,
silicone surfactants, polyvinyl alcohol
resins, paraffin and polymeric waxes,
and synthetic waxes including low
molecular weight polyethylene waxes.
The aqueous polyurethane dispersion
resin particles are dispersed in the solvent
and applied to a single substrate in
a single layer which upon curing provides
a nonsoluble water resistant coating
having a smooth surface.