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August 16, 2005

Bayer MaterialScience has developed
new aliphatic polyurethane dispersions
for coating wood. Bayhydrol XP
2557, Bayhydrol XP 2558 and
Bayhydrol XP 2593 equal or exceed
the high property levels of their
predecessor, but are free of solvents,
according to the company. They contain
no N-methyl pyrrolidone and
require less co-solvent for film formation.
The products can be used for formulating
abrasion-resistant wood
coatings for parquet flooring.
More info: Bayer MaterialScience, 49
214 30 25363; Fax: 49 214 30 66426, 49
221 9902 160; E-mail: frank.roth
barth@bayermaterialscience.com; Web:

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