Paint & Coatings Manufacturer News


September 19, 2005

Today’s homeowners overwhelmingly head to the home center when it comes to home improvement products, according to a new survey from the National Hardware Show and the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI). According to the poll, 67% of homeowners opted for the big box store for a broad range of products. The survey found that consumers put product availability, good value and convenience first when choosing their home improvement shopping destination.
The survey, which included more than 3,000 homeowners, was conducted by HIRI to determine where consumers shop for home improvement products and their reasons for choosing a specific retailer. It also evaluated who purchased products from contractors and how they selected the contractors they used.
In the study, HIRI reviewed 15 product categories for home improvement purchases, including building materials, ceilings and floor coverings, doors and windows, electrical and lighting, hardware, hand tools, HVAC, appliances, kitchen and bath, lawn and garden, lumber, paint and accessories, plumbing, power tools, wall and window coverings.
According to the survey, paint and sundries were purchased most frequently, representing 28% of purchases. Consumers said they selected a retailer based on product availability (41%), economy (39%) and convenience (35%). According to HIRI, low prices wasn’t the main concern. Only five percent of the respondents mentioned lower prices as a reason to shop in a particular location, while 14% said reasonable prices were important. Also, 25% said a location close to home was important, while 24% said having the product they wanted was a key driver.