Raw Materials & Equipment


September 19, 2005

Air Products’ Anquamine 287 curing
agent is a new high-performance
primer and sealer for application to
freshly poured concrete. A waterborne
epoxy curing agent, this product
allows for a faster return to service.
It can be applied to fresh concrete
24 hours after pouring with
excellent adhesion results, according
to the company. Anquamine 287 curing
agent’s sealing and fast drying
capabilities allow application of a
complete flooring system within 24
hours instead of the customary waiting
period of 28 days. There is also no
need for sandblasting or primer-sealer
removal before further treatment,
thus saving additional time, labor
and related construction expense.
More info: Air Products, (610) 481-
4911; Web: www.airproducts.com